Mr. Yosuke Yunoki, involved in many cryptocurrency listings and exchange operator reviews, signs an advisory contract.

GOLFIN has newly signed an advisory contract with Mr. Yunoki.

[Comment from Yosuke Yunoki]

After talking with Representative Komatsu, I sympathized with the idea of solving the challenges that were present in past WEB3 projects, and then solving the problems that are occurring in the current real world.

While taking an approach from the easily understandable aspect of golf, we stand in the position of people who enjoy golf, and I am confident that this is a project that will firmly capture the hearts of golfers. WEB3 and the real world intersect, realizing mass adoption of WEB3, and further solving problems in the world.

[Profile of Yosuke Yunoki]

After graduating from Waseda University, he joined Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited in 2004 and engaged in accounting audit work. After working in foreign accounting firms, foreign consulting companies, major general trading companies, and major automobile companies, he founded YUNOKI ACCOUNTING PARTNERS Co., Ltd., and became its representative director. Specializes in IPO consulting and IFRS consulting.

Involved from the establishment of the Japan Virtual and Crypto Assets Exchange Association (JVCEA). At JVCEA, he mainly worked on new cryptocurrency listing support, new exchange operator review, consultation services from exchange operators, and the development of accounting treatment and financial soundness indicators for exchange operators.

In the new cryptocurrency confirmation process, he conducted the creation of review items, negotiations with the Financial Services Agency, and confirmation work for each currency, and was involved in the confirmation process for new cryptocurrencies newly listed in Japan since October 2018.

Later, he served as the CEO of the wallet development company Fressets Co., Ltd. for office operators, and successfully completed the company’s M&A in February 2021 before resigning.

Currently, he primarily provides various services including accounting audits to cryptocurrency exchange operators, cryptocurrency projects, and NFT platformers.

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